Welcome to endorepair GmbH

Leading service provider in the field of medical endoscopes and peripheral devices


Welcome to
endorepair GmbH

Leading service provider in the field of medical endoscopes and peripheral devices


This is endorepair

endorepair GmbH is a leading service provider in the field of medical endoscopes and peripheral devices. We offer technical solutions in the field of flexible endoscopes through, our extensive technical expertise and our vast experience in this field for over two decades.

The objective is to provide high-quality Refurbished endoscopes at competitive prices and high-quality repairs for your equipment at cost effective prices. We offer a wide range of endorepair certified Pre-owned endoscopes of high quality from major manufacturers such as Olympus, Pentax and Fujifilm.

Welcome to endorepair! We thank you for your patronage and we look forward to establishing a lasting relationship built on trust. We are confident you will see why our customers are eager to recommend us to others.

Yours sincerely,

Udo Landsberg
General Manager

Our services in detail

We sell and repair flexible endoscopes and the peripherals regardless of the manufacturer/brand.

  • We offer endorepair certified Refurbished endoscopes on sale.

  • We offer high-quality repairs for your endoscopes & peripheral devices that fulfil the highest standards of sterility and hygiene at competitive/affordable prices.

  • We offer suggestions to improve the service life of your equipment after inspection along with a free of charge detailed price quotation.

  • We offer endoscope accessories (monitors, flexible storage cabinets, headlights & light sources, etc.)

  • We provide preventive measures training for handlers to improve service life.

  • We offer technical assistance for your queries over telephone or e-mail.

  • We offer you the option of selling your old/defective endoscopes

  • We offer worldwide pick-up and delivery of your endoscopes.

  • We offer endoscopes and the peripherals for sale through our online selling platforms in eBay, DOTmed and medwow.

How we work
Our services

Highest quality – for the safety of the people

We are aware of our responsibility in the highly sensitive field of medical technology. Our devices are operated by humans and used in humans for their well-being. Therefore, we only work with the highest quality standards. Ensuring and steadily increasing our quality when working on your endoscopes is the top priority in all processes of endorepair GmbH.

Who we are

High quality at a reasonable price

Everyone benefits:

We offer our customer’s both quantitative and qualitative benefits and strive hard to create value for our customers.

  • Guarantee – We provide six months guarantee on the sold Refurbished endoscopes.
  • Direct cost savings – The cost for repairs at us is less than half of the cost of repairs at the manufacturer.
  • Guarantee on repairs – We offer six months guarantee on the repairs made on your equipment by our employees.
  • Indirect cost saving – We offer free yearly quality checks for your device with the logistics costs shared among us.
  • Faster repair – Quicker repair of your equipment as most of the spare parts (95%) are available on-site at our firm.
  • Images for insurance claims – We provide detailed damage reports with detailed images for your insurance claims.
  • Trustworthiness – As our employees have a rich experience and high technical expertise, the repairs done are extremely reliable
  • Openness and manufacturer-independent – We offer scopes that are best suited to your needs regardless of the manufacturer of the scope.
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