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Endorepair is committed!

Fundraiser for Liberia / West Africa in spring 2018

„Endorepair provides the first and only gastroscope through the aid organization  HELP LIBERIA-Kpon Ma e. V. available“

We are happy to make a small contribution in this sense!

Udo Landsberg, endorepair GmbH

Clown with heart – KlinikClowns Bayern e.V.

Thank you very much for your support of the KlinikClowns about “CHOCOLATE ALWAYS HELPS!” Our clowns are on mission with an important mission. They give small and large sick people, lonely and demented seniors, as well as people with disabilities again and again a laugh and distract them from illness, pain and loneliness. Among other things, they are in their relative proximity in the children’s ward of the Clinic Starnberg on the way.

The association KlinikClowns e.V. exists since 1998, 2013 we celebrated our 15th anniversary. While there were still 188 clown missions in the first year, in Bavaria in 2014, there were just over 2,000 missions in about 60 different hospitals, facilities for disabled people, institutions for the elderly, palliative wards and a hospice. See more about our sites at

A laugh will hardly cure sick people, but it can certainly support the mental defenses. We are therefore always anxious to maintain the existing sites for the affected people, which, of course, in the first place, the financing of these operations requires.

Gastroscopy in the Myanmar jungle (Burma)

Dr. Hasselkus relies on his endorepair equipment in the jungle.
We provided his medical team in Myanmar with a reconditioned and serviced endoscopy system free of charge.

 Dear Mr Landsberg, with the help of the photos I would like to report that we have made a good start with the gastroscopy.
Everything went smoothly: transport and installation.
My staff have learned quickly.
Best wishes, W. Hasselkus

If you are interested in or need functional and operational endoscopes and peripheral equipment, please contact us. We can certainly make you an attractive offer. We would be happy to answer your questions about support options.