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Who we are


Repairs and troubleshoots made easier


To maintain & improve the high-quality standards in the flexible endoscope industry and thereby ensuring a better health care system.


Continuous improvement and keen attention to detail are our philosophies. By improving ourselves and our quality consistently we will contribute to a better health care system and make the society better.

 We are a leading service provider in the field of medical endoscopes & its peripherals and our objective is to provide high-Quality refurbished endoscopes at competitive prices and high-quality repairs for your equipment at cost effective prices. 

 The importance of modern health care has increased significantly in recent decades, and so have the costs of maintaining this medical equipment. Having observed this trend, we offer technical solutions as a leading service provider. We are aware of our responsibility in this highly sensitive area of medical technology and always strive hard to be at the top.

 We have arrived at this juncture as a result of extreme dedication to quality by our employees who possess immense technical expertise and vast experience with regards to flexible endoscopes. We have enriched our skills by serving as a Sub-Contractor for Olympus for 15 years. Mr Udo Landsberg, our Managing Director, established endorepair GmbH in 1992 in Wessling, near Munich. We are an international company with over 350 clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa and carry out around 3000 repairs every year.