About endorepair

endorepair is your specialist for high-quality technical endoscope and ultrasound probe repair and maintenances. Our focus is on the cost-effective maintenance of medical endoscopes, ultrasound probes as well as their peripheral devices.

We at endorepair GmbH attach great importance to the high quality of our endoscope and probe repairs. And this is completely independent of brand. It doesn’t matter whether we repair FUJIFILM, Olympus, Pentax endoscopes, ultrasound endoscopes or ultrasound probes and TEE probes.

Our 30 years of experience (including 15 years as a subcontractor of Olympus until 2007) guarantees you a high quality standard of our repair services.

We look forward to demonstrating our services and quality standards to you.

Unterschrift Udo Landsberg






Geschäftsführung der endorepair GmbH


Unser Geschäftsführer Udo Landsberg.

The history of our company


Today, endorepair GmbH has over 20 employees as well as worldwide cooperations with dealers and customers. We are able to look back on over 2000 repairs per year.


In 2017, a further certification took place, this time in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.


The company moved to our current location at Argelsrieder Feld 12.


The company moved to larger premises at Argelsrieder Feld 5, in Weßling.


The company moved to Cecinastr. 74 in Gilching and establishment of endorepair GmbH by Udo Landsberg and Nicole Wildmann (daughter of the company founder).


In 2006, the first certification took place in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.


Start of cooperation with Olympus, as subcontractor for repairs.


endorepair GmbH was founded in 1991, in Munich as BMV Elektronik GmbH. At that time, our company was located in the same building as the Olympus workshop.

Our social commitment

Social commitment illustrates our values as a humane and successful company. As a service provider for the health industry, endorepair GmbH places great value on helping people. For this reason, some of our proceeds are always donated to social and sustainable causes.
Find out more about the ways, in which endorepair GmbH is socially committed:

Arzt mit roter Nase bringt Kind zum lachen

endorepair supports "Rote Nasen Deutschland"

Doing something good and protecting the environment at the same time?

We are on board, because for us, it is a matter we take to heart! We collect our toner cartridges and recycle them for a good cause. This supports “Rote Nasen Deutschland”.

You can find out more about “Rote Nasen” at: https://www.rotenasen.de/


Fundraising campaign for Liberia/West Africa in spring 2018

endorepair provides the first, and so far only, gastroscope through the aid organisation HELP LIBERIA-Kpon Ma e. V.

We are happy to be able to make a small contribution this way!
Udo Landsberg, endorepair GmbH

Clown erheitert Frau in Klinik

Clownery with a heart – KlinikClowns Bayern e.V.

Thank you very much for supporting KlinikClowns via “CHOCOLATE ALWAYS helps!” Our clowns are on an important mission. Again and again, they give sick people, lonely and demented seniors and people with disabilities, regardless of their age, a laugh and distract them from illness, pain and loneliness.

Among other things, they are on the road in your vicinity, e.g. in the paediatric ward of the Starnberg Clinic.
The KlinikClowns e.V. association has existed since 1998, and in 2013 we celebrated our 15th anniversary. Whereas in the first year there were 188 clown missions, in 2014 there were just over 2000 missions throughout Bavaria in approx. 60 different hospitals, centres for disabled people, centres for senior citizens, palliative wards and a hospice. See more about our outreach locations at:


Laughter will hardly heal sick people, but it can certainly support their psychological defences. Therefore, we always strive to maintain the existing outreach locations for those people concerned. Of course, this requires funding for these outreach projects first and foremost.

Gastroscopy in the jungles of Myanmar (Burma)

Dr. Hasselkus relies on the use of endorepair equipment in the jungle.
We provided his team of doctors in Myanmar with a serviced and overhauled endoscopy unit, free of charge.

“Dear Mr. Landsberg, with these pictures, I would like to report that we have got our gastroscopy project off to a good start. Everything went smoothly: Transport and installation. My staff learned quickly.”
Yours sincerely, W. Hasselkus.

If you are in need or just interested in functional and operational endoscopes together with peripheral equipment yourself, please get in touch. We will certainly be able to provide you with an attractive quote. We are happy to answer your questions concerning support possibilities.


At endorepair we attach great importance to the personal development of our employees. Are you looking for a career that suits you?

If so, we look forward to receiving your speculative application via e-mail to: info@endorepair.de

Your loaner device request

You need a loaner device to bridge your endoscope repair? Simply fill out our contact form and we will happily send you a replacement device of your choice! Simply let us know the brand you require. The shipment of your loaner device will be initiated by us as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail about your desired device.

Your repair request

Your endoscopy device is defective? Use our contact form to send us information in advance about the referring endoscope model and the type of defect. Please add a possible collection date for the defective endoscope so that we can prepare the collection of the device as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, please feel free to call or email us with your repair request.

Your product request

Are you interested in a specific endoscopy device? Then please just send us a short message about your desired product, so that we can make you an individual and suitable offer. Please use our contact form!

We will also be happy to answer your product inquiry by phone or e-mail. Please contact us.

Registration for the training

Thank you for your interest in a training course on loss prevention. You can use our contact form to provide us with all further details, such as your preferred date. We would also be happy to hold the training directly on your premises. Simply send us a short message if required. You will receive a confirmation of your registration shortly via e-mail.

Alternatively, you can also register for training by phone or e-mail.

Returning your loan device​

The repair of your endoscopy device has been completed to your full satisfaction? You no longer need our loaner device? Then send us a short message via the contact form below so that we can arrange the pick-up.

Alternatively, you can also inform us by phone or via e-mail about the return of your rental device.

Thank you for your message!

Ihre Leihgeräterückgabe

Die Reparatur Ihres Endoskopie-Gerätes ist zu Ihrer vollen Zufriedenheit abgeschlossen? Sie benötigen unser Leihgerät nicht mehr? Dann senden Sie uns eine kurze  Nachricht über untenstehendes Kontaktformular, damit wir die Abholung bei Ihnen beauftragen können.

Alternativ können Sie uns auch gerne telefonisch oder via E-Mail über die Rückgabe Ihres Leihgerätes informieren.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Mitteilung!

Anmeldung zur Schulung

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an einer Schulung zum Thema Schadensprävention. Über unser Kontaktformular können Sie uns alle weiteren Details wie Ihren Wunschtermin mitteilen. Gerne halten wir die Schulung auch direkt bei Ihnen vor Ort statt. Lassen Sie uns hierzu bei Bedarf einfach eine kurze Nachricht zukommen. Eine Bestätigung Ihrer Anmeldung erhalten Sie in Kürze via E-Mail.

Alternativ können Sie Ihre Schulungs-Anmeldung auch gerne telefonisch oder via E-Mail durchführen.

Ihre Leihgerät Anfrage

Sie benötigen ein Leihgerät zur Überbrückung Ihrer Endoskop-Reparatur? Füllen Sie dazu einfach unser Kontaktformular aus und wir lassen Ihnen gerne ein Ersatzgerät Ihrer Wahl zukommen! Teilen Sie uns hierzu einfach die von Ihnen gewünschte Marke mit. Der Versand Ihres Leihgerätes wird von uns schnellstmöglich eingeleitet.

Alternativ können Sie uns auch gerne telefonisch oder via E-Mail über Ihr Wunschgerät informieren.

Ihre Reparaturanfrage

Ihr Endoskopie-Gerät ist defekt? Nutzen Sie unser Kontaktformular, um uns bereits vorab Informationen zum vorliegenden Endoskop-Modell sowie der Art des Defekts zukommen zu lassen. Teilen Sie uns gerne einen möglichen Abholtermin für das defekte Endoskop mit, damit wir die Abholung des Gerätes schnellstmöglich vorbereiten können.

Alternativ können Sie uns auch gerne telefonisch oder via E-Mail über Ihre Reparaturanfrage informieren.

Ihre Produktanfrage

Sie sind an einem konkreten Endoskopie-Gerät interessiert? Dann lassen Sie uns bitte einfach eine kurze Nachricht zu Ihrem gewünschten Produkt zukommen, damit wir Ihnen ein individuelles und für Sie passendes Angebot unterbreiten können. Nutzen Sie unser Kontakformular!

Gerne beantworten wir Ihre Produktanfrage auch telefonisch oder via E-Mail. Kontaktieren Sie uns.

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